Translating: The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring


Welcome to PsychoBarcodeTranslations. PsychoBarcode-tan has yet to be artistically rendered, but our dedicated team will accomplish this soon. Her hobbies and interests include barcodes, and finding a nickname, but as she was born only recently not much is known about her by anybody, let alone by herself.


Red rays rise slowly;

Shining between great black trunks

To scan the barcode.


The site is run by two people: one who does this as a hobby, and another who does occasional quality checking. At our current speed, we should be able to release biweekly, quality notwithstanding.

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Also it seems like I’m not getting any notifications for the releases by email or wordpress.

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  2. Since all your new content doesn’t generate a feed because they’re published as pages instead of blog posts, that aren’t placed into categories, aren’t tagged, and you don’t release concurrent announcement posts that would generate a subscribable feed, i finagled a feed based on a blank search query that should return essentially every page published on this blog.


    ‘atom’ here could be replaced with ‘rss’ (RSS 0.92), ‘rdf’ (RSS 1.0), or ‘rss2’ (RSS 2.0) for their respective feed formats.

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  3. Just finished reading the available chapters and saw your updated release date! Thanks for all of your hard work!


  4. Hey, Is there anyway I could get in contact/email with you :3


  5. how often chapters wil be translated?


  6. Nooo!!! Update is made!!! *Broken hearted* *dies* geh-


  7. I probably won’t have time to properly read the new chapter right now (not time time, but “actually appreciate the story” time), but watching that counter go down was really hyping me up. I’m glad you’re still translating this series, you’re fantastic.

    And then… and then… “Biweekly chapters return!”


  8. Excelente novel. Thanks for the hard work!!!


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